Presec system



Product information

Includes: Filter cap with sensor + control unit + cartridge.

To be installed with the Hyperfilter filter system existing on the compressor.

The Presec system is connected via a probe to the first filtering cartridge and detects its saturation status by transmitting the relative switching signals to the indicator based on the status. If the filter cartridge runs out, the compressor switches off and cannot be started until the cartridge is replaced.

The Presec system displays 4 levels of cartridge saturation through 3 relays connected to 3 LEDs:

Stable green light ( to ):

• The system is operational; cartridge OK

Pulsating yellow light ( b ):

• Pre-alarm; the cartridge is running out and needs to be replaced soon.

Pulsating red light ( c ):

• Alarm; remove the cartridge, replace it immediately.

Pulsating red light ( c ):

• Alarm; the filter cartridge is missing or the filter system is interrupted; the compressor switches off and cannot be switched on again without inserting a new cartridge or discovering the source of the alarm.

While the yellow light is pulsating (b), the stable green light (a) will still be on because the filter cartridge is not completely saturated.

If no LED lights up, it means that the PRESEC has no electricity or that the electrical system is faulty.

By choosing the Presec system it is not possible to install also the SAM Multigas Analysis System.