OXYGEN pressure gauge


Digital Pressure OXYGEN Gauge with battery-powered with good vibration resistance.

It is used in gas and liquid medium, suitable for portable equipment, metrical instrument and pipeline indoor.

Main Features.

1.Large-screen LCD display with high resolution, no indication error.

2.Automatically record the maximum pressure value during the measurement.

3.Pressure percentage dynamic demonstration.

4.5 engineering units:

psi, BAR, kPa, MPa, kg/cm2.

5.1-15minutes automatic power-off function.

6.Battery life over 2 years in power-saving mode, 2,000 hours continuous working.

7.Parameter correction, correct zero and error on site.

8.Sampling rate:  4 times/s.

9.Applicable to gas and liquid compatible with stainless steel.

We always supply our pressure gauges with their specific rubber protector.